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Who will be the champion in Copa America

The last Copa America champion was Brazil. They were the undefeated champions of that tournament on Brazilian soil.

This year’s Copa America is also on their soil. So naturally they are favorites. But just what is Brazil? Who else can show surprises?

1. Brazil – Brazil is currently the best team in Latin America in name and quality. The team was the undefeated champion in the last edition. This time too their expectations are the same. The star-studded team has won all six matches in a row in the World Cup qualifiers. Confidence therefore peaks them naturally.

In the meantime, the tournament will be on their own soil again. So naturally they are the hottest favorite team in this event.

2. Argentina – When it comes to becoming the Latin American continental champion, the name of Argentina will come up. Although the recent performance of this team, one of the most successful in the history of the tournament, has not been very good, they are slowly starting to recover. They are also one of the contenders for the title in this year’s event.

3. Uruguay – Another successful team of the tournament is Uruguay. Although their situation is similar to that of Argentina. Success is rarely seen in recent times.

But the country is desperate to lift the continental best trophy once again by holding the hands of Suarez and Cavani.

4. Colombia – This Latin country can give birth to a lot of unhappiness in this year’s event. A few days ago, they also stopped Argentina in the qualifying match. Even if they win the Copa America, it will come as no surprise.

Outside of these teams, Ecuador and Peru can show surprises. Chile is no longer the same as before. But they can also be giant killers on certain days.

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