Who could be the top scorer in the Euros

Who could be the top scorer in the Euros


The UEFA European Championship, the biggest football event in Europe, is starting from today. Many big stars and superstars can be seen in this edition of European football.

Strikers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Killian Mbappe, Griezmann, Benzema, Gareth Bale, Lewandowski, Harry Kane, Lukaku, Ciro Immobile will be seen in this event.

Even if a bunch of the best stars come on the field, who among them will be the top scorer of the tournament?

At the end of the tournament it will be understood how far the race is. But before that, let’s find out who could be the top scorer of the tournament.

1. Ronaldo – The top scorer will be discussed, and Cristiano Ronaldo will not have a name. Having this Portuguese star in any competition means fighting for the highest goal.

2. Rumelu Lukaku – A few days ago, he completed 60 goals for the national team. At present you are also in great rhythm. His team Belgium is one of the favorites for the Euro.

3. Harry Kane – English forward Harry Kane is one of the favorites for this year’s top scorer award. His team also has quite a rhythm.

4. Immobil – The Italian striker’s national team figures are not very bright. However, the way he has scored goal after goal in the current league, the Italians can only hope for him.

5. Lewandowski – His name will come first in the list of the best strikers in Europe. It would not be a surprise to see the highest number of goals next to his name in this year’s event.

. Benzema – The French star has returned to the national team after a long absence. Even though he is the top scorer in this tournament, it is not surprising.

. Mbappe – Mbappe is another star from France. Both the club and the national team have been consistently scoring goals. That will definitely be his target in this event as well.

. Griezmann – Another French striker Griezmann. The Barcelona star could also be the top scorer in this year’s event.

Also Gareth Bale, Jirad, Mampis DePayera can bet on the tournament.