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Tyson Fury’s sparring partner sends “different animal” warning to Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury is “a different animal” heading into his fight with Anthony Joshua, a sparring partner has warned.

Young boxer Aleksandar Mraovic has been training with heavyweight world champion Fury ahead of the upcoming mega-fight against Anthony Joshua.

The 24-year-old, who is nicknamed ‘The Austrian Bull’ and is on the verge of turning professional, has been sparring with Fury in Las Vegas ahead of the Brit’s date with Joshua on August 14.

“This man is not of this world, he’s a different animal. He’s punching like a machine, I have never felt punches like that before from anybody,” Mraovis said via the blog.

“When we were sparring, he even showed me a little bit how he got the power and how he works on it.

“His fists feel like rocks on you when he hits, it’s incredible. The power comes from how he punches and how he uses his weight.”

Tyson Fury training with Kronk Gym trainer Sugar Hill Steward

Fury, who is looking in tremendous shape ahead of his bout with Joshua for the unified heavyweight championship, is apparently going to be able to last the distance, which he hasn’t had to do since September 2019 against Otto Wallin.

“He’s in great condition,” Mraovic added. “He never had a bodybuilder’s body but he moves like a real athlete.

“He did twenty rounds, no problem. We were all done after 12 rounds, we did a lot of body sparring and we were all dead. But Tyson kept on doing the heavy bag and pad work, he’s crazy. He does not know when to stop.

“His movement is amazing and he wasn’t even fully fit at the time. He doesn’t give up, that’s how we all know him. He doesn’t give up; neither in life, neither in the ring, neither in the training. He never gives up.

“That was his first sparring after the Deontay Wilder fight. He is sick, he is crazy good.

“He played with me but it wasn’t a serious spar, nothing serious. Right now I would have no success against him, he’s too experienced.

“I think Joshua can’t win. I don’t think Joshua can survive 12 rounds because in this era Tyson is the king, no-one can beat him.

The 24-year-old will make his pro debut soon, and has assured fans that he will provide solid entertainment when he steps into the ring for his first fight.

“I am the type of fighter everyone wants to see. I want to fight and you’ll see that on my debut. I want to fight and I’m a crazy guy. I will be very entertaining for the people.”


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