Trophy-free Argentina for many years: Scaloni

Trophy-free Argentina for many years: Scaloni


In 1986, Argentina won their second and final World Cup. The last Copa America was won in 1993. Then for many years Argentina did not win the trophy. Scaloni’s goal now is to wipe out that title.

However, the Argentine coach is reluctant to say that the goal is to win. Rather than that he is willing to try to win the title.

“I think the people of our country are already beginning to believe that Argentina is ready to compete,” Scaloni said. But we will not say that we will win. We have been hurt many times.

“Any coach in the world would want Argentine players in their squad. But it will not make us irresistible. We must not forget our numbers. I won the last World Cup in 1986 and the last Copa America in 1993. It’s a lot of time without trophies.

“We can only try to bring joy back to Argentina. But I will not lie, we cannot say that we are going to win it. ”