So How Well Is Kentucky Paying Gail Goestenkors?

So How Well Is Kentucky Paying Gail Goestenkors?


Former Duke coach Gail Goestenkors, who left Durham for a much better deal at Texas, was recently hired as an assistant at Kentucky and now her salary has been revealed: she’s making $250,000 this year, and next year she’ll get $275,000, which is more than the other, longer-tenured assistants on staff there.

However, at Duke she certainly proved her worth, with Final Four trips, elite-level recruiting and finding lesser-recognized talents like Alana Beard, who was a sensation.

However, her salary has certainly gone up and down.

Her Duke salary was never disclosed, but the general feeling was that she got a major raise when she went to Austin, where public records showed she made over a million a year.

The money at Kentucky is obviously a step down from that and probably Duke as well, but it’s still good money and she’s a prime candidate for any major job that opens. Anyone who didn’t realize what a great job she did at Duke is missing a potentially tremendous head coach.