Shanghai Sharks point guard Guo Haowen to take part in NBA draft

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SHANGHAI, May 31 (Xinhua) — Guo Haowen, point guard of Shanghai Sharks, has arrived in the United States for a summer training camp and will participate in 2021 NBA draft, the club announced on Monday.

Guo wrote on his social media that he would sign up as an early-entry candidate under the age of 22 to join in the competition for the draft.

“I hope to take this opportunity to challenge myself in different games and further improve my skills. My dream is to become a better player and win glory for my country. I have full confidence,” the 21-year-old said.

The Shanghai Sharks also said on their social media account that the club respected Guo’s choice in order to support the development of basketball in China and wished him success.

As a former member of the Bayi Rockets team, Guo officially joined the Shanghai Sharks on February 26, 2021. He played 15 games and 381 minutes for Shanghai, pocketing 208 points, 62 rebounds and 47 assists.

Guo is also the seventh Chinese basketball player to voluntarily apply for the NBA draft.