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Police statement reveals new details

New details have emerged in the alleged kidnapping of former Test cricket star Stuart MacGill, 50, who was stripped, assaulted, and threatened at gun point for an hour.

In MacGill’s police statement, the retired spin bowler shares how he was kidnapped near his home in Sydney’s north shore on April 14, strip-searched for wires and punched about eight times to his face and the back of his head, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Stuart MacGill, pictured here with Maria O’Meagher. Source: SuppliedSource: Supplied

MacGill’s statement alleges the altercation happened a week after he introduced Marino Sotiropoulos (the brother of MacGill’s partner, Marie O’Meagher) to a drug dealer named Sonny, a regular customer at Aristotle, the restaurant run by MacGill and O’Meagher.

Neither MacGill or Ms O’Meagher have been charged or linked to the proceedings of the supposed drug deal.

Police will allege Sotiropoulos sold 2kg of cocaine to Sonny for $660,000, who took the drugs but failed to pay or used counterfeit money before disappearing.

The star cricketer played 44 Test matches for Australia before retiring in 2008. Picture: William West/ AFP.Source: AFP

Prior to MacGill’s kidnapping, Sotiropoulos appeared at MacGill’s home after Sonny’s disappearance, where he asked the ex-cricketer for help and allegedly told him it was a “matter of life and death”. After MacGill refused to participate, he claims Sotiropoulos told him: “Mate, it’s all over for you, you’re f … ing dead.”

Later that day, MacGill was allegedly kidnapped and driven to a dark farm shed in the western Sydney suburb of Bringelly. Police will allege he was forced to get into the car by a 1.8m-tall Polynesian man, who MacGill called “Big Guy,” and taken to a 3m by 4m section of a tarp-covered shed.

There he was taken to an even smaller 2m by 3m room where Big Guy allegedly demanded he pay $150,000 and threatened to cut off his fingers with a pair of boltcutters. MacGill revealed he was also stripped naked and bashed.

MacGill claims a total of three men were present at the Bringelly property and two of them were armed.

The Bringelly property where former Australian cricketer Stuart MacGill was held captive last month. Source: 7NEWS,Source: Supplied

Police will also allege MacGill was later driven away and dumped on a street at Belmore. However, scared for his life, he didn’t report the incident to police until six days later on April 20.

Currently four men – Son Minh Nguyen, Richard Schaaf and Frederick Schaaf – have been charged and arrested in association with MacGill’s kidnapping, with Sotiropoulos’ bid for bail withdrawn by his lawyers at the last minute. The Daily Telegraph have also reported that Schaaf is a known associate of the Comanchero bikie gang.

It’s understood Sotiropoulos will apply for bail next week and is currently being detained by police. He is set to face charges of take/detain company with intent to get advantage occasioning actual bodily harm, participating in a criminal group and supply prohibited drug (large commercial quantity).


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