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PARA Opens Registration For New Tuscaloosa Basketball Association

TUSCALOOSA, AL — Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation Authority on Monday announced the roll out of The Tuscaloosa Basketball Association (TBA). The new association will aim to build upon PARA’s existing basketball program by following a club model similar to its Tuscaloosa United Soccer Club, which organizes players according to school zone.

“This is going to make a huge difference going forward in developing players’ skills and techniques, allowing them to get familiar with the sport and coaching methods prior to entering middle and high school,” he said.

PARA then pointed out the TBA will consist of three leagues: Developmental, Recreational, and Competitive, which will be known as the Capstone League.

  • For those who want to continue playing basketball but are not yet ready for a competitive league, or Capstone League.
  • Will consist of Grade 4/5 boys, Grade 4/5 girls, Grade 6/7 boys, and Grade 6/7 girls with the option of team or free agent registration.

Capstone League

  • Will be broken down into Grade 2/3, Grade 4/5, and Grade 6/7 and will be team registration only, with no free agents.

PARA says registration is now open through Oct. 22 and those interested can click here to sign up.

The cost of participation, which includes clinics and a two-way jersey, is $100 per player for K-1 coed and $130 per player for all other age groups.

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