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Paolo Banchero Signs With CAA Basketball


Well you knew this was coming: Paolo Banchero has signed an NIL deal with CAA Basketball.

Banchero, who some think will be the #1 pick in next year’s NBA Draft, is highly marketable and being at Duke really ups his visibility.

It’s too early to know just how NIL will affect everyone, but the so-called Blue Bloods, schools like Duke, UNC, Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA, Gonzaga and Villanova, will be in heavy demand which, we expect, means that will add an extra value to signing with those schools.

The rich get richer in other words.

No info yet on just what Banchero will be doing but you can expect him to be front and center and given his platform, he’ll probably be a millionaire soon.

Interesting detail from the article: Banchero is pictured in a jersey with Duke removed. We think UNC has made a deal that allows athletes to use UNC imagery. Obviously, as of now anyway, Duke has not reached a similar conclusion on how to approach NIL.

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