Neymar next to Zico and Romario

Brazil beat Paraguay in Neymar Magic (video)


Brazil played their last match in the World Cup qualifiers this month against Paraguay. Brazil won the match 2-0.

Neymar scored a goal for Brazil in the match. Did an assist. Thanks to these goals and assists, Neymar scored a total of 11 goals and 13 assists in his career in the World Cup qualifiers. For this, 16 matches have been required.

Neymar now has the most goals among Brazilians in the qualifiers. However, Neymar is not alone, he has 11 equal goals for Zico and Romario.

Sitting next to the two former legends, Neymar said: “I am very happy for these numbers and happy to be able to reach two legends like Zico and Romario who were great players.

“I will share this moment with my team and I will do my best to help the Brazil team.”