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NBA Stars And Their First Big Purchases


Every year we are treated to the NBA Draft and see young men who suddenly become quite well off. What do they do after they start getting paid?

This changes with NIL but still, it’s a great moment to see dreams come true.

This article talks about what guys do after they start making good money.

For some guys, like Damian Lillard, Luka Doncic and Dwyane Wade bought high-end cars.

Shaquille O’Neal bought three – one for himself, and one for his mother and his father.

Some other purchases were more prosaic. Klay Thompson bought a pool table. LeBron James took some friends to an amusement park while Chris Paul took some friends on a shopping trip. Draymond Green? A seriously big dinner. Harrison Barnes bought a bed.

And Zion Williamson?

Well, Zion Williamson bought a car too, but not a performance ride or anything.

He bought a Jeep Wrangler, which seems like a pretty sensible thing to do – but there’s a twist.

He brought it for his brother Noah – who won’t be able to drive it for about a decade or so.