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Milwaukee Milkmen catcher Christian Correa also is team’s translator

While many MLB teams have Spanish speaking translators on their staff, Milwaukee Milkmen catcher Christian Correa has taken it upon himself the last several years to fill the void of helping the Hispanic players on the team. 

“Imagine you’re in this country and no one speaks your language, you can’t communicate with anybody,” Correa said. “I just want them to be comfortable so they don’t have any issues and we can play baseball.” 

Growing up in Coconut Creek, Florida, Correa spoke English and Spanish. He said most Spanish speaking players try to speak English when they can but during those moments when it becomes difficult he jumps in to clear up any confusion.

Milkmen manager Anthony Barone said because of Correa’s ability to speak both languages, he has become a leader in the clubhouse and helped make Hispanic players feel more comfortable.