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Meet young badminton champion Azra

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], May 18 (ANI): Azra is a young badminton champion from the downtown area of Srinagar who continues to inspire and motivate many young girls in the region.

Starting off from cricket, Azra found her real calling in badminton and she has ended up winning several titles. Now, she hopes to open her own fitness and badminton academy to further tutor budding talent in the region.

“I started my sports career at NCC. I was then nominated for Delhi, I won an award there and then I was also nominated for best cadet all across India. After coming back from there, I started playing cricket and I started playing inter-school competitions. After that I started playing at district level and there I managed to take a hat-trick against DPS School. I got a chance to play nationals, and then I played U-19 nationals. Being a girl it was difficult for me to play cricket in grounds, there used to be boys. Being a girl it was difficult for me to choose sports,” Azra told ANI.

“But then I shifted my focus to badminton. For the past seven-eight years, I have been involved in badminton completely. Talking about badminton, I played districts and then I played state level. For the past six-seven years, I am a title winner here, in everything I have won the titles and till date I am holding the title. I played in Jammu, Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh and recently I played in Bengaluru. I am thankful to god that I have managed to win so many gold medals. It was difficult for me to explain why I chose sports and how I have managed to make a career in the field. I have managed to involve 100-plus girls in the field of sports,” she added.

Azra got her Bachelor’s degree in physical education and then she pursued her Masters degree in physical education and sports from Kashmir University. She has got A, BC certificates in NCC with A grade and has represented the state of Jammu and Kashmir as commander in RDC 2012.

She gives free coaching to young girls and her dream is to open a badminton academy in her area to promote sports among girls and she has undoubtedly changed the lives of young girls like her for the better.

“From some schools, I have got some recommendations. I want to open one fitness academy for girls and I also want to open a badminton academy. Due to some problems, my father got unwell, my mind was diverted so I was not able to open a fitness academy. But I have gotten a good response and people keep asking me when will I open the academy. When I officially start the academy, I am sure there will be a good turnout,” said Azra. (ANI)


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