Logan Paul’s previous fights show he’s out of his depth against Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul's previous fights show he's out of his depth against Floyd Mayweather


Logan Paul has promised to ‘decapitate’ Floyd Mayweather in their upcoming exhibition bout, but many fans and experts believe that this is fanciful.

YouTuber Paul is 0-1 as a professional having lost to fellow social media star JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji, whereas Mayweather is 50-0., with wins over Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao on his resumé.

In the amateur ranks, Paul fought to a draw once, against KSI in their first meeting, while Mayweather’s record stood at 84-8, including an Olympic bronze medal at the 1996 Atlanta games.

Mayweather’s famous shoulder roll technique and defensive prowess are regarded with awe around the world, and when fighting on the front foot, he’s stopped Conor McGregor and Ricky Hatton.

Meanwhile, Paul has scored just one career knockdown in his six round decision loss to Olatunji, putting his opponent down with a beautiful uppercut in the fourth.

But the advantage it would have given him on the scorecards was stripped due to an inexplicable decision on the part of the YouTube star to throw more punches once he had floored his opponent.

While it’s unlikely that Paul will get within enough space to land a knockdown blow on Mayweather, the concern for Paul will be that his ill-discipline could see him caught by the lightning-quick 44-year-old.

Paul has said that he plans to maintain a professional boxing career, similar to his brother Jake who is 3-0, having faced much more evenly-matched opponents.

Logan Paul lost his pro debut to fellow YouTuber KSI

Prior to the bout with KSI, he and former coach Shannon Briggs had even discussed the possibility that he could become a world champion, but that notion seemed far fetched once he actually stepped into the ring on November 8, 2019.

The fight is slated to go eight rounds, longer than Paul’s previous bouts at amateur and pro, which were both six rounders.

His gas tank let him down after a dominant start in his first bout with KSI, but he appeared to have that issue under control by the second one.

However, the type of pressure and ring awareness that Mayweather will implement against someone with the inexperience of Paul is incomparable to that of Olatunji, who was also a novice having only fought once before getting in the ring for their first fight.

Recent sparring footage showed Paul handily defeating four top athletes within a few minutes in the Gronkowski brothers, three of whom played in the NFL, but it isn’t indicative of how he will face Mayweather.

However, there were concerns with one of his shots, where he grabbed former Dallas Cowboy Chris Gronkowski behind the head before landing the shot which put him down.

With a legitimate referee, that would likely cost Paul at the least a point, and more likely the entire fight as a DQ-worthy shot.

And there are more concerns with his style, as well as his ability to perform under the big lights.

His footwork appears to be the same as it was shortly after he started, and in both his fight with KSI and the newer footage, he throws shots from so far out that they would be easy to defend against for a seasoned pro.

To beat Mayweather, he would need to utilize power punches while remaining at a distance thanks to his 4″ reach advantage, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that shows he can do that

While he does possess the size and reach to knock out the much smaller Mayweather; he’s 30 lbs heavier and half a foot taller, it appears highly unlikely that Paul will upset the odds.


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