France’s big win against Wallace, penalty Benzema penalty

France's big win against Wallace, penalty Benzema penalty


European teams have started playing matches to weld themselves before the Euro. France and Wallace also faced each other in a friendly match last night. The current world champions lost to Wallace 3-0 in the match.

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has returned to the field after a long absence with this match against Wallace. However, he did not score a goal. Three goals for the team came from Mbappe, Griezmann and Dembele.

However, Benzema could have scored a goal. But he missed the penalty in the 28th minute of the match.

When Nico Williams saw a red card in the 25th minute of the match, Wallace became a team of 10 people. With that, France gets a penalty which Benzema missed. After 9 minutes, France went ahead with the goal of Mbappe.

After the break, Griezmann scored in the 48th minute and Dembele in the 69th minute as a substitute to secure France’s big win.