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European countries will not play in 2026 World Cup: Seferin

There has been a rumor recently that the World Cup may be held in the next two years. And if that happens, UEFA President Seferin has warned that European countries will not play in the World Cup if the year after the Euros is over.

“It’s impossible,” Seferin said in a recent interview. This is an irrational idea.

“We have the Euro Championship in 2026. So if there is a World Cup that year then the European teams will not play.

“If there is a Copa America in Latin America, I don’t think they will play either. Then will it be the World Cup? It’s an absurd idea and I don’t understand why we need it.

“It simply came to our notice then. Imagine, every year the players will play two big tournaments. Is it possible? They are currently injured. Because they have to play the whole season. It is a political concept. But the reality is that there is no support. ”

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