Ederson won the Golden Gloves in the EPL

Man City lost to Brighton in the English Premier League last night. They lost the match 3-2. But despite failing to keep a clean sheet, the team’s goalkeeper Ederson has won the Golden Gloves in the Premier League this season.

Of those who competed for the Golden Gloves this season, only Chelsea’s Mendy and Man City’s Ederson continued to fight to the end. These two goalkeepers came on the field last night.

Like Man City, Chelsea digested a goal last night. They won against Leicester City but had to digest the goal. And because of that goal digestion, Mendy dropped out of the race.

At the end of 36 rounds, Ederson has 18 clean sheets. Mendi’s clean sheet 18. With two clean sheets to spare with one match left, Ederson is sure of the Golden Gloves.

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