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Chris Eubank Jr responds to Billy Joe Saunders’ £5m fight demand


Eubank Jr has responded to Saunders fight demand for £5million for the pair to meet again, labelling the middleweight as having no credibility left in the sport and questioning his bargaining power

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Chris Eubank Jr has ridiculed Billy Joe Saunders’ £5million rematch demand, claiming his rival has lost his credibility.

Saunders was defeated by pound-for-pound king Canelo Alvarez after retiring on the stool as a result of a fractured orbital bone injury in the eighth round when the Mexican unleashed some lethal combinations.

As a result of his defeat, Saunders’ future remains uncertain in the sport after revealing that he was considering retirement after losing his undefeated record and world title belt.

But Eubank Jr has responded to Saunders’ pay demands for a potential rematch branding him as having “no power and no credibility” in the sport.

“I heard him say he’s demanding £5m,” Eubank Jr told talkSPORT’s Fight Night. “The funny thing is he’s not in a position to be demanding anything, he has no belt, he has no credibility in the sport after quitting against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez after saying he’d die before taking a knee in the ring.

Chris Eubank Jr was defeated by Billy Joe Saunders in their previous showdown in 2014

“He has no credibility, he has no power in the sport so he can’t be saying he wants £5m, he’ll get what he’s given. I’m the A-side and once he understands that we can talk.

“It [the rivalry] used to burn inside, now he’s not on my radar. He has nothing – he has no respect, he has no belt.

“He needs me. I’m his only option, he has literally no one else to fight. Whereas I have an untold amount of names and fights that are available to me over the next year or two. Huge, huge fights.

“As long as things are on my terms we can make it happen and I’m sure we will at some point in the future.”

Eubank Jr will make his own ring return as part of BOXXER’s new roster of talent that will be broadcast on Sky Sports as they continue their mission in boxing.

But the 31-year-old has questioned the validity of Saunders’ eye injury, and has revealed that he is targeting Gennady Golovkin over his domestic rival.

“He lambasted Daniel Dubois after an eye injury, a real eye injury,” Eubank Jr continued. “There was nothing wrong with Saunders, he got a black eye but there was no smashed orbital bone, there was no broken eye socket, there was no proof of that – that was all a sham.

“It’s not something that’s super important to me. Obviously he has a win over me so I want to avenge that but I’m not going to go out of my way, I’m not going to break my back to make that fight.

“Golovkin has run out of guys to fight, he’s in a corner, he has to defend his belt and who does everyone want to see him fight? Who’s he going to make the most money with or against? That’s me.

“If push comes to shove, we’ll get the belt and use it but I don’t think it’ll come to that. That is a path to go down, get the belt and then fight GGG after.”