Burglar KOs Decatur boxing ring with 'cleaning' attempt, police report | Public Safety | RopSport
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Burglar KOs Decatur boxing ring with ‘cleaning’ attempt, police report | Public Safety


DECATUR — Police in Decatur report dealing with the strange case of the burglar who broke into a downtown gym and then set about trying to clean up the boxing ring.

A sworn affidavit said the cleansing attempt at SkyWalker International Sports Complex went disastrously wrong and the combination of dish soap and bleach dumped on the mat caused “extensive damage” to the ring, which is valued around $10,000.

The affidavit quotes gym owner Rodney Walker arriving Friday afternoon to find the 23-year-old intruder inside the building, having smashed his way inside by kicking-in a plywood-covered window.

Police were called and Officer Jacob Stewart questioned the man who is quoted as admitting he got inside through the window. “‘Because damaging a window is better than damaging a door,’” he said the man told him.

The man then also said he embarked on a series of housekeeping efforts, ranging from “cleaning” the gym floor and the boxing ring mat to shutting down various electrical circuits to conserve energy.

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“(He) stated that while inside he took/ate several bags of chips and several Pepsis from the gym’s inventor,” said Stewart. “He advised he had been in the building for upwards of four hours. He claimed Rodney and Phil (Phil Flaugher, the building landlord) were unappreciative of his cleaning efforts…”

Stewart said both Walker and Flaugher said the man had no business being in the building for any reason and had definitely not been asked to clean or touch anything.

The man was booked on preliminary charges of burglary and criminal damage. A check of Macon County Jail records Monday showed that he remained in custody in lieu of bail set at $7,500, which means he must post a bond of $750 to be released.

All preliminary charges are subject to review by the state’s attorney’s office.

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