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Boxing: Mendoza loses by unanimous decision


Right strategy, flawed execution.

In Minneapolis, Rio Rancho junior middleweight boxer Brian Mendoza lost by unanimous decision to Jesus Ramos Jr. Sunday in the 10-round main event of a card telecast on Fox.

All three official scorecards read 98-92 for Ramos. The Journal scored it 97-93 for the winner.

Mendoza is 19-2 with 13 knockouts. Ramos, of Casa Grande, Arizona, is 17-0 with 14 KOs.

Ramos, touted as a devastating puncher, didn’t get the knockout. But he got the victory. Mendoza was able to blunt Ramos’ power with movement throughout the first half of the fight, but failed to throw or land enough punches to turn the fight his way.

The usually aggressive New Mexico fighter was employing a strategy somewhat foreign to him and had some success early — moving steadily to his right into the left-handed Ramos’ power hand while suffering little damage and landing jabs and body shots of his own.

Mendoza’s punches, however, were too infrequent and did no discernible damage, save for a good left hand to Ramos’ jaw in the fifth. The harder puncher gradually took control as Mendoza slowed.

The final three rounds were all Ramos as Mendoza became a more stationary target, perhaps looking to turn the fight with a knockout punch or flurry that never came.