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Billy Joe Saunders aims further world title dig at Chris Eubank Jr as feud continues


Saunders has now responded to Eubank Jr by questioning his credentials regarding a possible rematch in a dig over his lack of world titles and pointing out his victory over him in 2014

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Billy Joe Saunders has responded to Chris Eubank Jr’s comments around his defeat, by pointing out his lack of world titles in the sport as their bitter feud continues.

A social media row began between the pair after Saunders revealed he would like an offer of £5 million to offer Eubank Jr the chance to have a rematch with him.

The pair fought back in 2014, in which Saunders prevailed by unanimous decision and ended his domestic rival’s unbeaten streak before going on to become world champion at super-middleweight.

But Saunders has now labelled Eubank Jr a “bum” and has criticised his lack of a world title while labelling his rival “s***” in his latest social media post.

“You never won a world title because you’re s***,” Saunders posted on Instagram. “You got 75 grand last time we boxed, and your dad took 30, Bum I’m your payday little boy and you may never get a chance to get that win back boxing bin men.”

Billy Joe Saunders and Chris Eubank Jr could renew their rivalry as their social media row continues


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The comment came after Eubank Jr appeared to question the nature of Saunders’ injury after he was forced to retire on the stool in his unification clash with Canelo Alvarez.

And the 31-year-old also believes that he is now the “a-side” after Saunders lost his “credentials” in a recent defeat that lost him his world title.

“I heard him say he’s demanding £5m,” Eubank Jr told talkSPORT’s Fight Night. “The funny thing is he’s not in a position to be demanding anything, he has no belt, he has no credibility in the sport after quitting against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez after saying he’d die before taking a knee in the ring.

“He has no credibility, he has no power in the sport so he can’t be saying he wants £5m, he’ll get what he’s given. I’m the A-side and once he understands that we can talk.

“It [the rivalry] used to burn inside, now he’s not on my radar. He has nothing – he has no respect, he has no belt.

“He needs me. I’m his only option, he has literally no one else to fight. Whereas I have an untold amount of names and fights that are available to me over the next year or two. Huge, huge fights.

Saunders didn’t come out for the ninth round against Canelo due to a nasty eye injury



“As long as things are on my terms we can make it happen and I’m sure we will at some point in the future.”

Eubank Jr will make his ring return next month as part of BOXXER’S new roster on Sky Sports, when he takes on Sven Elbir at Wembley Arena.

Meanwhile Saunders has considered the possibility of retirement to end his professional career, but has admitted that his dad will help him make the decision.

“At the end of the day, I’m 31 years old, if I don’t ever wanna work again, wanna sit back, wanna chill, I can do that,” Saunders told talkSPORT. “And so it should be, I’ve put a lot of time into boxing and I’ve paid my dues. The sport’s been very, very good to me.

“I’ll have a chat with my dad because he’ll have a big say in it, to be fair it will be more or less down to my dad in the conversation more than me if I’m honest.”