Allison’s goal wins Liverpool (video)

Goalkeepers are usually busy stopping the ball. Their job is to keep their goalposts safe by repelling the attacks of the opponents.

But many times exceptions happen. Liverpool goalkeeper Alison Baker made that exception today. He came out of the stopping place and scored the goal. Liverpool won with his goal.

They had to win every match to save their hopes of playing in the Champions League. At such an important time, Liverpool scored the first goal against West Brom.

After digesting the goal in the 15th minute, Salah repaid the goal in the 33rd minute. But then the second goal was not catching Liverpool in any way.

Many have begun to imagine another frustrating night for Liverpool when the goals could not be seen despite one attack after another.

But Liverpool got a corner in the fourth minute of added time after 90 minutes of the match. Allison made Liverpool happy by scoring a goal by flying from that corner.

Click here to watch the video

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